Monday, February 28, 2011

Praying Wherever

I haven't written in almost a month. This thing- that thing - no reasons - lots of excuses.

I have started praying more. I find myself talking to God in the weirdest of places - the bathroom - the closet - and I'm learning to listen more.

One of the things I have started doing on FaceBook is when someone says, I need a prayer or there's a prayer request - I post my prayer right then! I don't post it for self-gratification - I post it to let the person know - YES I am praying with you and for you - I post it as I pray. I am posting it because God says, "if you deny me before men, I will deny you..." If that person posted then, then I am going to pray when they post - I won't wait until later - they post because they need the prayer then - not later.

I do not ever want to be denied by God.

And, what better way to witness to someone who may not be a praying person or may not know how to pray - but to pray online in front of the world?

I have lost FB "friends" over my prayers. I quickly realized those aren't friends. A friend will want you to pray with them and for them and will never be afraid of the power of prayer.

Prayer has been taken out of our schools - people are afraid to pray in public. I REFUSE to allow that! We are still in America people - where we have freedom of religion and speech!

Speak out - Pray out - Be known as a praying person - and I do believe that you will be forever blessed! Ya'll pass a good one!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I sat here listening to the storm roll in this morning, feeling safe and secure in my old house with the heat already churning warm air out of the vents in preparation for the impeding cold front, wondering how many of us are really prepared for the storms in our own lives?

I wondered how many of my friends or people I pass in a given day know Jesus as their personal Savior?

I know without faith, prayer, wisdom and fortitude I couldn't have made it through some of my life's storms. Without the word of God in my mind or studying it, I wouldn't know how to handle myself.

For years growing up we rely on others to keep us safe and sound in the storms - but as adults - we have to maneuver those roads ourselves.

"When I was a child I spoke like a child; I acted like a child, but when I became a (wo)man I put away childish things."

I'm very blessed that in my life's storms I have a rock to cling to... I hope you do as well.