Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I've thought about the times I've told my sons not to do something, because in the long run I knew it would hurt them or be harmful to them.  Of course, like most kids, they always know more than the parent and are going to do things their way.

So is the life of Christians.  Many times we decide "we have this" and take off on a path or journey that just isn't in God's plan for us.  In doing so, we end up hurting, stressed, and not liking life.

Thank God, we can talk to Him and He will help us get back on the right road!  I suppose had we spoke to God, asked for guidance in the first place, we'd have kept our own train on the right track.

We are so quick to give advice to others, and, many times, we don't even know which way we are heading - because we don't follow "Our Father's Plan".

Pray for guidance.