Monday, April 8, 2013

 I broke down on the side of a highway today with a flat. I had taken all of the precautions like getting a "real" tire and rim instead of dealing with the "donut". 

Today during church Pastor kept saying "Praise God in all things".  So I thought "Okay I'm gonna praise Him", then I asked that God would protect us and send help.

Come to find out the company sold me a rim that didn't fit my van thus I had no spare.

 2 different vehicles pulled up in no time at all. 

One guy measured the wheel and was going to let us use his spare to get home on - but it, too, didn't fit.   How often does that happen that someone is willing to loan a stranger their tire and rim?

One guy, Lucky, just basically told Jess let's get it in my truck and get it to Walmart before they close. 

Short of that story - we bought a new tire. While at Walmart in Silsbee - the manager learned I was on the side of the road alone. He asked if anyone had an issue with him fixing Jess' tire before theirs - everyone agreed that was fine.

During the time they were gone I had 19 vehicles stop. Each had 2 folks. I had 38 angels watching over me and protecting me from harm - because they all came at intervals - while I stood on the side of the road.  I had Ryan with us - and his Alzheimer's and Parkinson's was kicking in.  He almost went into panic mode on me once.  I finally got him settled on a pallet on the ground - it was the best I could do for him.

Jess and Lucky got back with the tire - and in short order we were back on the road.  

Lucky refused anything for helping - I offered to pay.  "No ma'am, it's what I do."  I asked, "then can I give you a hug?"  "Yes ma'am, my family are all huggers - I understand a good hug!"  he said.  He got a GOOD hug!  We told him where I live and offered for him to stop in any time - I'd make sure the coffee pot was on.

All I can say is "Praise God in all things" 

We are home - and tomorrow - Jess will take my van back to Silsbee to that manager and have him replace all my tires, buy a spare and a new rim that fits. Since the manager was so kind, his department needs my $$ more than another store. 

Just remember "Praise God in all things!  I am new at praising when things are tough - but I am learning - real fast - that you never know what blessings await you - til you praise even in the tough times.