Thursday, December 27, 2012

Goal Planning

This is the time of year for goal planning.  I prefer to call it "goal planning" than "resolutions".  Resolutions never seem to work - but when I have to look at the list of "goals" for the year - they are a reminder of things I really felt relevant to accomplish - things I feel/felt led to do.

Since I became single almost 23 years ago - I have taken the last week of each year.  Reflected on my goals, checked off the ones accomplished and queried "why" or "was this was necessary" those that weren't finished up.  I pray, earnestly, for guidance for goal planning.  I believe that God has a path for me and I want to make sure that I am following that path.  As a reminder of the "path" I write down the goals.

One of the things I KNOW for certain that is probably number one on my list - is to get organized and finish projects.  I want to finish my den, get a barn built, finish Langham House - and I also have a few quilt tops in the UFO pile that I want to finish.

I also know for certain that I am need to be more "mission" minded.  I am not sure where God is leading me with this one - so I am going to play it by ear.

I also KNOW for certain that I am tired of hurting, grieving and crying for someone who doesn't want me in his life. (No, it isn't Jess!)  No one can say, "I love you, too" and not want you in their life.  For that I want healing.  And, I am praying for healing.  

I also KNOW for certain that I need a more financial security.  I am hoping getting the brochures mailed to other attorneys will assist in getting an income coming in.  I'm not asking to be rich - but I don't want to worry about bills and how they will be paid.

And, I am looking at going back to college.  Yea, I was a little shocked as well at that one.  Two fold - I want to learn sign language and increase my spanish speaking.  (possible court translating in the future)  I also want to finally be "degreed" instead of just "educated".  That "piece of paper" does make a difference.

I want to be more of a Proverbs 30-31 woman.  I want to prepare my house - I want my home to be God-fearing, loving and kind.

Yes, God has prepared a path for me - and for you - take time to Thank God for this past year - the trials, the good times, the bad times, the tough times - and open your heart - and LISTEN to what He wants you to do for 2013 - that is what I am going to do that - and I know neither of us will be disappointed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The End of 2012

It's been a while since I wrote on this blog.. shame on me - right?  2012 has offered me lots of ups and downs.  Let me reflect..

I was able to publish two of my children's books - The Four Little Kittens and Annabelle's Vacation With Grandma Hayley.   The later, has one of my original quilt patterns in it.  From now on, all of my books will have an original quilt pattern of mine in them.  Timmy Goes to the Farm is another book that is at publisher's now.  I am hoping 2013 will allow me to publish more of my true crime books and at least 2 more children's books.  We shall see.  The true crime books are based on my case load over my career as a PI.  The first to come out will be The Saga of Joe Elizondo.   I am already working on The Trials of Chambers County.  

I lost a $3,000/mo income this year.  I have struggled to fill that void with other work.  

We were able to finally make the Hurricane Rita repairs to my old office.  We did an inventory and we are hoping in 2013 to get the "store" online.  

I was able to replace my trailer that was destroyed in the wreck a few years earlier.  That was a God-send!  We went to Pigeon Forge this year to a quilt show (thus the background to Annabelle's vacation).  We met some awesome ladies there and just had a great time!  And, got to use my new "red-wagon" (trailer).

I didn't get to see my grandson, yet another year.  He turns 11 years old today.  He looks so much like his daddy.  I snuck into a few of his football games this year to see him.  He is a doll.  A cut up - clown - just like his daddy.  I have asked the daughter-in-law to go to mediation so that I can see my family.  Two years ago I was told "we have no more room in our lives for anyone else."  Yep, that hurt to the core.  Neither my son, nor her, were raised to be cruel.  But, cruel it is to keep my from my grandchild. 

I licensed Larry Linscombe in the PI business the end of the year.  What a blessing - he is smart and does awesome things on the computer!  I am thinking 2013 is going to be a great year for us!

We had several workshops at The Pregnancy Center in Lake Jackson this year.  I LOVE teaching others to QUILT!  I LOVE it!  

About the time I would get started on working on The Langham House - something would happen and we would have to stop.

We grew our own garden and did a tremendous amount of canning.  Which was awesome at cutting our grocery bills!

We got more new chickens - the older ones went to a gumbo pot!  

I have 2 more notes due on my 2 vans and I am finished!  THANK GOD!  I am to the point I hate notes!

I was blasted by someone who I thought was a friend.  I really examined my life and what she said.  I came to the conclusion that I was a threat to her.  I knew her - and how she operates.  I know how she Po-mouths to get people to feel sorry for her.  And, she worked her magic to where several classmates gave $$ and got her a new hot-water heater and a few other things.  I came to the conclusion, also, that I was measured by her own yard-stick.  Her words were cutting and hateful and hurting - but they are words.  God knows my heart  -  not her.

I lost a sweet cousin this year to emphysema.  Donny & his brother Wayne were my two favorite male cousins.  I loved them like brothers of my own.  IRONY:  I was in Mexico when Donny's wife, Judy, died and I was there when he died.  Wayne and Donny were both 66 when they died.  No more pain, no more suffering.  For that I am grateful.  

We did Christmas for 19 little ones this year.  It was my 20th year to do something for others at Christmas - and our group grew this year.  This JOY of seeing those kiddos opening their stockings.  The "WOW this is what I ALWAYS wanted"  or "It's a REAL football! Not a smerf kind!"  "I needed the toothbrush.  I lost mine and haven't had one for a long time"  "I LOVE my TEA SET!"  and the one that really got me?  "SOCKS - I REALLY did need socks!"   The stockings were 3' tall - and full!  Tea sets, trucks, coloring books, colors, toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, gloves, hats, paddle/ball boards, puzzles, pencils, erasers, straws, football - they were SO excited!

I celebrated my 59th birthday this year.  I was grateful for 59 years - even the tough ones.

We are looking forward to 2013.  Lord willing, we will have the Langham House finished, be more out of debt, do more canning and food preparations, be able to give a little more to our fella man and become more of the person I know I am to be.

I've told you some of the good and the bad - why?  Because I want you to know that even through the trials and tribulations that we each has that God loves us.  He knew us when we were still in our mother's wombs, He prepared our path before we ever knew it - and just because we aren't able to DO what we want to do right now - God hasn't forgotten us!  He is walking the journey with us.  Sometimes we just need to sit still and listen.  My wish for you is a VERY HEALTHY, HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!