Sunday, March 24, 2013

I have been contemplating a major change in my life for some time now.  Things don't always turn out how we expect them to and our expectations of others sometimes doesn't come to fruition.

Yesterday I had a dear friend tell me "Before you make any changes you need to look at what you have.  You need to examine all the things that are done for you and with you.  You need to think of your right hand.  If I had 100 right hands like that - I would be a millionaire. You are blessed beyond your imagination."

I laid awake last night thinking of those words and thinking what the right hand does do.  He accepts me with my flaws; he works hard with the abilities he has; he is generous to fault; he comes with baggage that I won't get into - but it's baggage he had nothing to do with and yet he has to carry it; he is destructive and hard headed - almost burning down a gazebo because he didn't listen to me - leaving the van unlocked hooked to the trailer in a city far from home at night - things that could be very costly and he doesn't err on the side of caution - but then he cares about the things I want - and my needs.  He is a perfectionist at the things he does.  He is gentle.  He is kind.  He is someone very precious.  He is a Christian and when I stumble - he is there to pick me up.  I can't ask for more than that.

I cried.  I realized it wasn't him who was my problem as much as Satan trying to come to steal and destroy.  I gave thanks - even for the flaws. I am the bread winner in this house.  It is my name out there on things - and his lack of erring on the side of caution bothers me.  Yet, I examined my own life - and realized I have many more flaws than he.

Families staying together seems difficult.  I was,  and am fortunate,  to have a Christian friend who loves me enough to be honest with me.

I woke this Palm Sunday very grateful for life - for my family - for the love that I am given by those around me - and I am confident in saying, I am very blessed.  

Palm Sunday gives us all hope - hope for a life eternal; hope for a tomorrow - hope in living.