Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If Jesus walked in

If Jesus walked into the sanctuary of your church or mine next Sunday morning, where would he sit? You know what I think? I believe Jesus would look around a bit and find the person or persons who are in the most need, and slip in beside them. The ones who are most lonely, the ones feeling the most pain, the ones who are hurting most right now---are the ones he would touch with the gift of gracious acceptance.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Margie and Sarah

A friend of mine just wrote that her ailing mother, Margie, had gone on home be with Jesus. Sarah was very close to her mother. Over the last few years, Sarah took efficient care of Margie. She was beyond a "good daughter".

At one time I asked on FaceBook "Who is your hero?"

Sarah immediately wrote that it was her husband. He had taken over a lot of her chores and always been there to comfort her while she was caring for her mother. I hope now she is leaning on her hero for a little while more.

Mothers are important factors in our lives. They teach us girls "how to be ladies", how to cook and clean and care for our families; they teach us to be God fearing and never be afraid to love. Most mothers are the foundation of a home. They teach the boys how to be kind and loving to their wives and sisters; as well as, how to be a man. They are our strength in times of need, they are our friend in times of sorrow.

I think of the strength and the grace under fire that I have always seen in Sarah - those traits didn't "just happen". I am thinking those came from her wonderful mother.

I think, also, that the greatest legacy that children can give a parent, is to carry on in life the traditions, values of life, morals, and love that was shown them. What better gift to give to the next generation?

Though I know my friend is grieving, I also know that she is rejoicing. She is rejoicing because she knows her mother is at peace and is resting in the arms of Jesus!

I wrote Sarah a note. A simple note. I reminded her of the babies who had burned to death in a fire in Houston. I told her God needed Margie to come help and care for those babies. God had a job for her." Sarah responded that put a smile on her face thinking of her mama rocking those babies.

God always has a plan.

Life is for the living, but God's eternal life is for those who've accepted Jesus as their personal savior. Rest in peace Mrs. Lee. And, Sarah, I hear a rocking chair creaking!