Sunday, August 17, 2014

Caution - for Young Girls

There are days in which I wish teens and parents would listen to me.  I have many clients who are sex offenders.  They tell me things that "excites" them - simple things that so many think nothing of doing.

The duck lips are one of the top things on the list of things that excites a pervert.  As one of my fellas said, "those lips puckered up just make me want to crawl inside of the screen and kiss her all over." I've tried to tell the young ladies I know - don't post those duck lips on face book.

Photos can be determined when you are home, where your home is or where you are located.  Your face book accounts can be used against you - in years to come - because even if you think it is deleted, it is not.

Wearing low cut, sexy clothes is advertising "I am AVAILABLE" - but available for what?  You are beautiful - God and you both know you are - so why is it so important to show off your body to the world?  Low cut tops that reveal young sturdy voluptuous firm breasts - or shorts so tight that they stick into your crack, or dresses/skirts that go into your crack because you aren't wearing nothing more than a thong for underwear and you are constantly pulling it out of your butt in public, or shorts where the cheeks of your butt hang out or bikinis that leave nothing to the imagination - are all forms of things that excite people - and sadly - many times - the wrong people.

Many start wearing make-up pre-teen.  Red lips - one client says, "the blood red lips excite me as if I had my first kill in hunting."

No, I'm not saying dress a prude, but I am saying a girl/woman can control her surroundings by her attitude, her dress, her demeanor.  A young lady can control what others see on her face book and what others perceive her as.

I also blame parents for being too busy not to watch what their young ladies are doing on face book and what is being posted.  It may be "cute" and may be "the thing" - but it is also opening a pandoras box to trouble - maybe not today - but somewhere down the line.  We live in a very scary world these days.

Parents - you are responsible for your children.  IF, and God forbid, something happens to your child who posts things that are inappropriate for their ages - or chats on line to men/boys about sex - allows them to dress as if she were a grown woman in sexual attire - do not raise holy hell when something happens.  I hold you equally as responsible for the child's well-being and protection against pedophiles as I, and the law, hold the pedophile responsible.  Be an example for them.  Talk to them of the dangers  of life - don't wait until it is too late to talk about "life skills".

"Train up a child in the way in which he shall go and when he is old, he shall not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

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