Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today we are celebrating the life of my friend, Nishie Holliday Thomas.  I am not good with good-byes.  I feel the loss deep in my heart. 

Nishie has been sick for some time now.  Her death is a healing – for her.  Her life and our friendship – has been a healing for me.

When I first met Nishie – I was coming off of a really bad divorce.  I had just bought my house.  I was alone.  I didn’t feel even good about myself.

Nishie’s radiant smile warmed my heart.  And, over the years, the friendship grew.

One time I was having a FIT trying to put a block together.  I had ripped it so many times.  I finally took all the pieces to Nishie and asked for help.

She looked at the pieces, then at me and back at the pieces.  She said, “Check it out.”  I looked.  I didn’t see what she was talking about. 

Nishie said, “When the pieces are right side up, they always fit.” 

That simple line has played over in my head since Nishie died.  And, this morning it hits me – When the pieces in our lives are always right side up – God’s plan for our lives fits perfectly. 

Even in death, my friend still teaches me.  I’m so grateful she got her wings – and I hope she sang at the top of her lungs all the way to Heaven.  I’m gonna miss you, girlfriend.  And, I will never stop loving you.  

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