Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our Client

I have a client that I think the world of.  I don't like to get "close" to a client - so when I say "I think the world of", in this case, that means I think he is getting a raw deal and has gotten a raw deal all his life.

I am in contact with family members.  They are potential witnesses.  We agreed to meet at a location that they chose and the time of their choosing.  I had reservations about the location, but thought, "What the heck.  Just meet get the information you need and keep on going."

I arrived early, so that I could eat a breakfast, say some prayers, get my thoughts in order before the meeting. The attorney arrived shortly after me.  We were prepared.  The "Auntie" phoned to ask "Have you left yet?"  I responded, "Yes ma'am I am already here waiting on ya'll."

Now keep in mind the family was demanding to talk with us.  Communication(s) is a big thing with defendants and a lot of time with their families.  Ethically, we did the right thing.

After 1.5 hours of them being late and 4 phone calls later they arrived. 

I endured 3.5 hours of 7 out of 8 of the rudest, wildest kids in a restaurant this morning - I am grateful I am not a teacher. 

 Auntie and Mama of client shows up - then cousin with EIGHT kids. Cousin, who is about 35 years old,  takes her 3 and goes to the other side of the place - where I later learn she talked some older couple into buying their breakfast - though according - they had already eaten at home. 

The other 5 children are left with us 4 adults - every time the waitresses brought food past - the kids would say "I'm hungry". 

Well the atty nor I are going to let kids be hungry. So we buy breakfast - later to find they had already eaten as well. One ate  like a dog would eat, the other sneezes snot all over the place, and the dog eater knocks off her juice to the floor acting a fool. The others were very well mannered. When the little one gets through with her 3 pancakes - she says "I want more" I said, "No, that's enough." 

We furnished pens, paper, and other things to entertain these kids while the cousin/mama is around the corner mooching off of folks. We asked the adult cousin if the kids go to a boys/girls club? She said "no they don't want to go" I said, "who is the parent you or them?" 

After a while I had endured all I could.  In the mean time - they had ordered MORE sodas and drinks and told the people to put it on my tab. I said "Oh no! You should've asked me first! I am not paying"

I finally gather kids and cousin to go outside for a group picture.  Her son, a big hulk of a lad, was ticked because I asked him to stop shouting in a restaurant.  He tried to knock my iPad and phone out of my hands.  I told him that was rude and uncalled for.  I told him, "these things cost money."  He responded, "white folks have money so it's no big deal to you."   Cousin/Mama asked him "Boy what did you do?"  He responded, "She lying on me."   

After the photo I told her,   "You take 'em to the car and don't bring them back in there."   It was mid-70's so not too hot. 

About 30 minutes after they went to the car - another waitress came and said, "that lady said to put her banana split on your tab" I said "I AM NOT paying for a grown woman's food - I did not authorize that I am not paying." Cousin heard me and skee-daddled to the car.

I understand poor. Truly I do. But I do not understand, nor accept. rude, ill-mannered and takers. 

I know that God puts us in places at times for reasons we do not understand - or in circumstances we do not understand - through all of this - the one lone kid - Lloyd - was a jewel - a real diamond in the rough - who has a God-given talent in art. He would look at a picture and draw it to perfection. Cousin kept saying, "That is a waste of his time all he wants to do is draw." 

We encouraged him. On the way home, I stopped to get art supplies to ship to him - ironically - so did the attorney - without either of us knowing what each other was doing.  Folks, if we don't teach or encourage our kids in positive ways  - whether they are ours by birth or some breeder's kids - we are losing these children to the juvenile system.  As nerve wracking and hectic and unsettling as this morning has been,  I know why these kids were there - his name was Lloyd.  It was our job to encourage Lloyd.  To let him know that what he was doing was a good thing.  And, that there are people who care.

The look on Lloyd's face when we each said we wanted a picture drawn by him  - and we wanted him to sign and date his art work - was priceless.  We couldn't have given that child anything greater.

Encourage a child.  Train up a child to be kind, honest, productive citizens - instead of takers and haters.  

Yes, there are a lot of Lloyd's in the world.  I hope our little influence will keep him on the right path.

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